Environmental Challenges and Their Remedies


Environmental Challenges and Their Remedies Environment means surroundings, especially the conditions which affect lives of people. We often use the term to mean our natural surroundings. These include the biosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. Our lives greatly depend on how the environment persists Pollution Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of air, land and water, that may harmfully affect human life. Pollution is caused when we damage our surroundings. We have a great ability to adapt and alter the environment to suit to our wishes.

We can make it more comfortable and convenient. But in some areas of the world, the environment has been damaged by the activities of people which cause pollution There are many different forms of pollution. But much more serious is the pollution caused by chemical and wastes from factories, farms, motorcars and even houses The pollution is very harmful, because it can affect the land, the sea and the air Types of Pollution I. Air pollution 2. Water pollution 3. Land pollution Thermal pollution 5 Radiation pollution 6. Noise pollution I. Air pollution Air pollution is the accumulation of bad substances in the atmosphere It is in large concentrations, which endangers human health or produces after effects on living organisms and other materials Source: Its main sources are power and heat generation, industrial processes and especially transport Remedies: Either remove particulates or remove gases For removing particulates, there are four techniques’ such as, the cyclone separator the wet scrubber the electrostatic precipitator and the bag house. Indoor Air pollution: We cannot necessarily escape from air pollution by staying in door. In high traffic areas, indoor air is found to have same air as is outside. At some places, office buildings, airport terminals and apartments have indoor levels that exceed government safety standards. It has been recommended that such buildings be lightly sealed on the lower floors and that they are spaced in such a way that the wind can disperse pollutants around them 2. Water pollution Water pollution is found in fresh or ocean waters. Chemical, physical or biological material degrades the quality of water and affects the living things in it. Source: It is caused by discharge of particles, heavy metals and bio accumulative chemical compounds Remedies: Primarily waste water treatment involve such ical ues as screening large debris skimming of floating materials and setting suspended solids Secondly, treatment is for the biological break down of the dangerous organic matter 3. Land Pollution It is the degradation of the earth’s land surface through misuse of the soil Source: It is caused by poor agricultural practices, mineral exploitation, industrial waste dumping, and indiscriminate disposal of carbon, water wastage and floods Remedies: We ought to adopt such ways that our economical conditions should not be affected and besides, this pollution may also come to an end il. Thermal Pollution It takes place because of the discharge of waste heat via energy dissipation in cooling water and subsequently into nearby water ways Sources: The major sources of thermal pollution are fossil fuel and nuclear electric power generating facilities. 5. Radiation Pollution Radiation pollution gets birth ionizing or non ionizing radiations that result from human activities. The most well known radiations result from the detonation of nuclear devices and the controlled release of energy by nuclear power generating plants Source: The source of radiation pollution includes spent fuel reprocessing plants, by products of mining operations and experimental research laboratories, Remedies: a Radioactive nuclear wastes must be stored in heavil shielded, infinitely durable containers in remote areas fro biological habitats b It should be made harmless by some chemical processes c. It can be done away by recycling the whole process 6. Noise Pollution It has a relatively recent origin. It is composed of sounds generated by human activities, ranging from blasting stereo systems to the roars of super- sonic jets. Source: Noise may be generally associated with industrial society where heavy machinery, motor vehicles and aircrafts have become every day items. Effects: It causes headache, loss of hearing tension, mental pain and the physical damage inside our nervous system, Remedies: The industrial society must use fuel of better quality to reduce noise pollution.

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