Early development of English novel


Genres in literature always change from lime to time, keeping in view the human interest behind them, That is why, we find in the history of English literature the dominance of poetry and drama and then the gradual development of novel, but it is a fact that these all genres of literature are directly connected with human life Novel is the latest of all and is considered to be a complete and perfect art The novel in true sense was introduced in the early medieval literature, generally in the shape of romances, Fiction and romance are considered to be the ancestors of novel Geoffrey Chaucer’s masterpiece, ‘Canterbury Tales’ and Boccaccio’s ‘Decameson’ have the qualities of novel, even these works do not fall in the category of novels in English literature But Chaucer, as a story teller was the first literary figure who contributed to the development of prose fiction by producing the folk songs to the level of legends which were in rough from in the hand of minstrels He polished the art of story telling and made it roader and more suitable, The legends of Arthur and his knights were introduced in narrative versc form giving them the touch of coarseness, ridiculing the decline of medieval Churcli and thus, he gave the flavour of actuality which paved a way for the novel in Elizabethan age. Chaucer’s “Trilus and Cressida” and Centerbury Tales’ directly moulded the Medieval romance to the genuine character study. Boccaccio was also giving fine romantic stories in prose form to Italians. His Decameson’ consisting of various prose stories of amorous adventures, was known as “Novellu Sraria” or a “Fres story” This shows that Italy became the home of novel Thus development of novel is traced in the long romances mostly in verse which were flourished in Middle Ages throughout Europe In sixteenth century, many fine short stories were published under Italian influence such as Painter’s “Place of pleasure” and other stories which he called ‘Novellas’ John Lyly’s Eupluces” showed characteristics of novel Therefore, he is known as Pioneer of English novel in England and is the first stylist in prose His another work the “Anaromy of wit” received much popularity Another literary figure of sixteenth century, Philip Sidney contributed much in the development of English prose style while giving Arcadia Realism and honour in romance were untroduced by Robert Greene and Thomas Nash in their romantic stories Nash gave two novels ‘The Unformunale Traveller” or “The Life of Jack Wilron” After him, William Carton contributed by printing “Scandinavian and romantic stories from Spain, Germany, and Italy He gave romance a foremost place in the history of fiction. Roger Ascham was another iterary writer of 16 century whu gave treatises like “Look fighting” and “School Master” which ure considered to be formative force in English prose Basically, the people of 15th and 16 century had a great interest for raveling which contributed to diary and letter writing These things and their interest gave the art of biography Their travel stories and diaries dealt


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