Dream and destination

People say that good things take time, but really great things happen in wink of an eye. Naino was a simple college boy. So, one day a reat thing happened to Naino. He saw a teenage girl singing on TV screen. That was a musical show rious schools were participating in it. All participant schools were private and could be afforded only by a rich class. So it was not difficult to understand that the singing irl must have been from some elite class. She was leading her school team Her performance was as captivating as her face. Her name was Sitara. In the end, team of Sitara won that musical show just because of her. The compere asked various questions before awarding her team. Compere: What is your aim in life? Sitara: I want to expand the business of my father. He owns garment factories. I would also establish a car factory in future. I have no sibling. I am the only child of my father. Compere: So, would you like an industrialist as your life partner? my life Sitara: No, I would like an able soft engineer as partner She attracted Naino so much thut a strange desire surged through his mind, to manry Sitara. But it was impossible He

belonged to a middle class family. He studied in a Government College He traveled in vans, rickshaws while her damse braveled in limousine, BMWs and planes, and she had made several trips America, Australia and Europe. Mr lover loo had sud trips of these countries but on televisinn screen. There was a wide gulf between his and her class. How could he spam he gulf? Then the answer of Sitara buzzed in his mind-1 would like an able software engineer as my Le partner He made a firm resolution to be an able software engineer crau This determination brought a big change in his academic career. He started working hard He passed lis was intermediate in good grades. He was selected in the Engineering University after passing the entrance test He affe go admissiun in department of software engineering after in h his heaut. He s uccessfully moved on in his academic career. Not for one day the

thought of Sitara stayed anray wro from him. He was sure that he would get her He was still com a student belonging to middle class. After few years he wis had his graduate degree in first class first position He celebratea the day with his friends. After few days, he gt Na scholarship for postgraduation ersity in an rem American University. He flew for America for higher Na education. The fame, prosperity and bright future were life now in sight, he knew Though he was quite mature but one passionate car moment of teenage still haunted him, to marry Sitara The days at America proved precious, prosperous and paramount for him. Soon after the completion of his degree he was buried in a myriad offers from various multinational zoftware companies. He joined one very famous company. This job brought an executive life style. He returne home with a conquering smile on his face. every family member and friend was proud At home successful stride of Naino into executive life. over r few days rejoicing with family members he on official visit to Karachi where he had to give resentation on some new software of the company five-slar hotel, the hall was by busi tycoons, entrepreneurs, bigwigs magnates, millionaire and multimillionaire moguls Nano started his resentation and captured the attention of everybody. His demonstration ended successfully. Everybody seemed crazy for the new product of the software company. At is the refreshment, a graceful young lady came to Naino. She was sulara, Seeing her, all confidence of Naino vapoured in an the air. He talked to her but in a tone that carried love, e affection and sincerity. He asked her if he could meet her in her office. Next day Naino met Sitara. She also felt something y wrong with the man. Naino first talked formally on company product then appreciated her conduct and he wisdom in dealing the business. This meeting between the de two followed many others. With the passage of time Nano told her the entire meaning of his struggle. He an reminded her of a TV programme. Sitara also felt close to Nuno. She concluded that Namo was the fit man for her er ife. In few days Naino got her consent to marry him. This was the moment he had been dreaming. Any way dream te came true, and Naino and Sitara became life partners.

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