doing great deeds.

History does not recognize an ordinary an pack of human beings appearing on the stage of wo life at different time I recognizes only for exceptions credited with certain positive and wis negative achievements in life Those who less perform outstandingly well in very short span of har time, they make history, and become immortal as t for all times God has sent us in this world not for doing exa meager acts but for performing great acts of and human significance Life is not a festival where by we may partake of feast spread before us Allah did has granted life for performing noble deeds mat There are certain individuals who had short life mis to live but, had performed certain outstanding bur deeds which keep them alive forever John Keats, the English poet, died quite young, but the during his short span of life he produced Ma exquisite poetry which appeals greatly to the Mu readers yet He gave the best odes to the English poetry which are enjoyed across the world ma Shelley, another great poet, also died at young sho age, but bequeathed rich heritage to coming full generation in shape of poems and odes pos The great conqueror, Alexander the Great, her died when he was only thirty two, but at suche ary an early age, he had conquered almost enti of world, and remained the source of inspiration Union only for the generals and commanders who also and wished to conquer the great wa He also set inher lesson for those who believe in getting aims by was n of hard work and struggle Yet, he exemplified as the greatest conqueror of the world Islamic history is also staked with such w ing examples who performed great acts of bravery puro of and led down their life for the great cause laid doll here by Prophet of Islam. It was Hazrat Musaib who the llah did not let Islamic flag fall down, but was Lise eds martyred while fulfilling his loyalties to the life mission of Islam Tarique Bin Ziyad preferred off ding burning boats than returning ohn There are many personalities who devoted co but themselves for the general cause This includes ced Major Aziz Bhatti, Rashid Minhas, the Muhammad Bin Qasim etc Hence, instead of longing for a long life glish orld marked by dullness and insipidity, whether ung shorter or longer, one should have taken the ning fullest advantage of it characterized by certain positive deeds which would constitute a reat, heritage for posterity.

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