Death is not the end of life

Life is God gifted blessing for us; it is given it to us in order to test whether we do good or bad be deeds. This world is full of sentiments of of sorrows, happiness, sadness, and joy. It depends  upon us what we are getting from it. Almighty  Allah has made the pairs of every thing to make  the universe good. Like, if there is man, his pair so is woman; there are also the pairs of good and OI evil, and honesty and dishonesty. In the same  way, God has created life and death. God has  given us life to worship him. If we do not offer ho prayers or worship him we get its  consequences. Life is very beautiful; it is also we to make  it good or otherwise. In the eyes of God, “B everyone is equal. God has created everything  with its importance; nothing in this world is created futile; none is useless in this world.  Therefore, it is to be noted that everything is comes with a purpose in this world; one who  does deeds and works hard gets success Sometimes, life is so uncertain that often  one doesn’t have even an inkling of what is a going to happen the next moment. It is the faith  of Muslims that what we are doing in this life,we will be rewarded hereafter, if we had committed good deeds. They also believe that a they will be alive after death on the Day of d Judgment to be accountable for their doings in e this world. Man is mortal, and has a very J limited span of time in which he tries to achieve u something special which could make him u immortal; he also tries to combine the day and H night for his aim to live according to his own go will and wishes, and doesn’t want to face any trouble in the world. The greatest use of life is to spend it for pr something that we can take pride in. It is an unquestioned fact that real life starts after death This concept can also be understood from another Islamic concept of life after death. As discussed earlier, when we leave this world, we enter another world in grave. On the Day of Judgment, soul and body reunite; we shall stand up from our graves; Allah Almighty shall ask us for our deeds we had done in this world; Hell or Heaven will be awarded in result of good or bad deeds. This entire process tells that life does not end with death; more effective and difficult process is yet to come. We all must try to be good so as to be able to pass successfully in the court of Allah.

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