Cruelty to animals


Take not the life thou canst not give. People are wantonly to animals. All life is entitled lo respect. and do unto others you would be done hy does not apply only to men in their as mutual intercourse. hut also to man’s relation with the lower a animals. It is a pity that man, the noblest creature. endowed with he sympathy and sensitiveness. should be so callous in his treatment of the dumb creatures of God. These animals are so very useful to man that their destruction cruel treatment is little shore of sin. God has created the smallest insect as well as the ni idlest man. and His care for all is equal, God certainly cannot he pleased. when we piniest or injure any of His creatures without cause It is our duty to he kind all God’s He prayer well, who Love well Both man. and gird, and beast. These animals have sensibility. and they feel pleasure and pain. They have as much right to live and enjoy life as we have. We should, not, therefore. torture them unnecessarily merely for sport, Or kill them for printing ourselves with palatable food. These animals are dumb. and cannot complain against our cruelty, that is another reason why we should treat them kindly Some cruel masters overload boor

hillocks and donkeys. and work these diseased and weak animals to death. Such people ought to he and punished by law Humanitarian Societies. and Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are doing much useful work in teaching men to he humane in dealing with animals. It is indeed a matter of great regret that there should he need of such societies in very civilized countries. Hundreds and thousands of poor, innocent, and plac beautiful birds are killed every year to provide plumes and feather worn to decorate ladies of fashion. This avoidable and entirely unnecessary cruelty should he stopped Of course, killing wild

beasts whose existence puts human cove lives in danger may he justified. hut cruelty in sport. or for the gratification of some idle whim. or for were fashion cannot he by t justified at all. It hardens our heart. and is a wicked thing in itself in m All cruelty is inhuman. hut that shewn to the duh helpless line creatures is very reprehensible indeed we should love all creatures, great and small, for fired “He prayer jest who Love best Things both great and small For the dear God who Love us Horn be made and Love all.


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