Climate change on food


The world is changing its temperament gradually This the climate is likely to put stress crops and live stock alike, and possibie results would be food shortage for the half of world’s population according to the research prediction It is very ironic to find that in the wake of this the worst affected areas would be where the poorest the live- tropics and the subtropics. But temperate regions would keep warm average temperatures researchers have combined direct observations with data from 23 global climate

This observation suggests that In temperate regions, the hottest seasons on record represent the future norm in the many locations. They found a greater than 90 percent probability that by 2100 temperatures in the tropics and the subtropics will be higher than the current temperatures We are taking the worst of what we have seen histoncally and in the future it is going to be a lot worse unless there is some kind of adoption said Rosaman Naylor Director of Food Security and the Environment at California’s Stanford University. There has also been some recent tastes of what is to come, such as a heat wave that struck Europe in summer 2003 and resulted in deaths and reduced food

production. Record temperatures hurt key by io ncluding maize and fruit and accelerated to 20 days. Livrstock were stressed, the soil was dryer and more water was used in agriculture Three billion people living in these areas will be worst affected. The David Battisi, Professor at University of Washington in atmospheric science and ayler, Director of Food Security and the Environment at California’s Stanford University said, “The stress on global food production from temperature alone are going to be huge, and that doesn’t take into account of water upplies stressed by the high temprature.

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