Time to change concept

It is well said that Nothing is permanent cou but change. When situation goes critical dev and friendly, change is needed It always our comes to settle the conditions, it can come by bea nature or by human beings. When Arabs became cruel, dishonest and ma greedy, change came by the order of Almighty Allah through His Prophet o Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for the It h welfare of Arabs. When in America negroes were not given equal rights, change arose for justice and equality by Nelson Mandela. In olden days when people were feeling difficulty in calculations, change came in the filed of Pri technology and a unique machine called po “Computer” was invented by Charles Babbage, and lives of people became easier Before the creation of Pakistan, Muslims were crushed under the feet of the British. They were treated as slaves and were restricted to follow their own religion independently. Here a change came by brave Muslim leaders for the sake of the defence of religion, customs and traditions. Finally we got an independent state called “PakistanAfter getting Pakistan, situation is changed and now change is needed. Poverty has to be changed in prosperity, illiteracy in to literacy ignorance into awareness, terrorism and target killing into peace and so on. Now the question arises, is change possible in Pakistan? If yes, then by whom and how? There is an answer: change will come in Pakistan with hard work, dedication and honesty. We have to be sincere with ournent country, we have to work for its prosperity and tical development It is our duty to be sincere with ways our studies as youth builds the Nation History e by rs the witness, when youth participates in any walk of life, certain change takes place It and may be any world revolution national movements and so on In the current scenario r of het of world map, many of the Arabs countries are revolutionized including Egypt and Syria roe It happened due to the active participation of for youth. This, and so many other events of the world history would show the positive results ulty of youth in the process of change. Thus, it is d of proved that change is permanent and it is possible at every place

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