cancer: an uncontrolled cell division.

Most of the times, cells are not dividing likep they are carrying out what ever is this normal toba function. Cells only start to divide when body Any needs them Scientists are very interested in carci how cells knows when it must divide of a group of cells divide to often the extra cells may be deve complete for nutrients with near by cells from likel an other tissues, the tissue will not perform its and proper function and the organism out of control deat may from a lump of¬†cells called a tumor Trea Causes of cancer The rate of cell division by mitosis is often normally very strictly controlled Cells touch cells another as they fill up the available space and Ho they switch off their process of division This is Su called contract inhibition and involves proteins tissu on the cell surface membrane Cell division may get out of control for a number of reasons The cell may not have true gene to produce the heal correct cell surface protein This is genetic Mo tendency and explains why some types of che cancer such as least cancer tend to run in redn families The protein may be inactivated in some kill ways, this usually occurs because ofenvironmental factors and explains which a causes life style occupations camying a high risk of cancer Smoking tobacco increases the nsk of lungs cancer, and drinking much alcohol increases the i risk of the Esophagus. Scientists believe that w most types of cancer only develop when several t factors are present. For example, a person might o be causing a gene that make his leg cells moreing likely to divide, but the presence of chemicals in tobacco smoke make gene run out of control. Any substance that causes cancer is called d carcinogen (Literally means cancer maker) The involvement of external factors in the development of lungs cancer is 10 times more likely stroke than non smoker because of pain and loss of functions of other tissues resulting death Treatment of Cancer If cancer is detected early enough, it can often be treated and tried to gain control of its cells in the following ways and Hormone treatment for the breast cancer. s Sugar to remove tumor if a single organ or tissue is affected. Chemotherapy using sciences to stop cell nay division, most of these chemicals also damage the healthy cells. So, they may have side affects. etic Monocloval antibodies may target of chemotherapy to cancer cells very specially in reducing side effectsRadiotherapy using ionizing radiation to kill rapidly the dividing cells The radiation of must be used very carefully at the tumor to ch avoid damage to rapidly dividing healthy cells. Gene Therapy It is the transfer of human genes into he individual’s cells that contain mutant alleles at which cause disease The principle of gene ral therapy is out linked at the cryptic fibrosis coat ht of influenza virus which can be used as gene vector

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