The British system – The British postal system is perfect

The British postal system is perfect. and is a wonderful illustration of the human power of organization It is so cheap and effective that a rots card costing, one rupee posted in an obscure village will reach the farthest end of Pakistan in three or four days. within the Province, letters reach their destination the very next day. The management is in the hands of a Department. There are post offices, sub-post offices, and branch offices in every large city or town, and big villages This easy and rapid means of communication is very helpful to trade, and very useful in the affairs of daily life. We can communicate to our friends our wishes. inquiries about health and other important manes. and get replies in two or three days In old day, letters were sent by hand only after months or even years, when some one from the village had to go to the place where our friends or relatives lived if no one had any occasion to go. there was no communication at all. A-one: Ideal Essays The post office, through its officers and postmen, serves all, rich and poor alike. The poor man gets his letters and sends h letters as well as a rich man, sitting at home;

he, as it were, talks to his friends at a distance without the slightest inconvenience. There is another advantage besides cheapness and rapidity of communication, and that is that perfect secrecy is maintained. If you send your message through an agent or a messenger, or send a letter though some one, the third party will know your secret. Not only letters, but small parcels and packets and money orders, also, may be sent through the post offices. The arrangements are very elaborate, and a large number of inspectors and supervisors are employed. so that the work may go on smoothly. The slightest complaint of irregularity or delay is carefully inquired into. The postal arrangements are really a great blessing to the people. The postman is the most useful and most hard-working public servant, rounds day after day, uncomplainingly serving the public. He knows no holiday.

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