Beauty is truth


The poetic saying emphasizes the identity of beauty and truth. According to it, only truth represents beauty, a fact which all human beings should take notice of in all their day-to-day thoughts. proclivities, human and social dealings, and works of art and science. There are such things as acted truth and act lies, and the have their impact in human life important as those which arise from spoken or written word. Truth and falsehood are qualities that belong to work of our hands, as well as words of our li and are often more eloquent to eye than the word can be to ears. They are expressed by our whole personality, by our character. by our conduct, by our general conversation with our kith and kin, or friends and foes in the world. Great truths are often communicated by works of art, literature, sculpture,

printing, cartoon, films and various other effective media that permeate the human mind. Every portrait is either a truth or a mixture of the both true and imaginary. Its beauty is depicted on the degree of truth and honesty dedicated in it. It also represents the characters of the paints. An artist, who puts his heart and soul in his work, and applies tone of colour, themes and dedicated motives is able to produce a beautiful piece. If his objective is merely mercenary simply to flatter the onlooker and print for the sake of getting outward appreciation, his work cannot be called a piece of lasting beauty In social life, it would be quite futile and meaningless to state things of wisdom, religion and all these, if

they lack audience. If there is no real response, reception or desire to understand it. Launched into the empty space of the universe, with nobody to receive them, even the beautifully noticed doctrines or thesis may go waste. We can never understand beauty as an isolated thing, self-supported or hanging in the air A thing of beauty always appears in a personal context, conditioned by the person who creates it and for persons or the era on which it is focused. act, beauty and truth, like arts and science, form together a kind of common-wealth in which each serves the rest, and is in turn served by them, as we know all knowledge is one all comprehensive and universal.

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