Beauties of nature

People travel long distances to see famous waterfalls in beautiful valleys. yet the beauty of small objects that nature has so People travel long distances to see famous waterfalls in beautiful valleys. yet the beauty of small objects that nature has so profusely set before us escapes their eyes. And even their love silver those objects when they profess Io like them. a base oae of all natural scenery I kne mountains the hesl In the nd the cold effects are righter than anywhere else and the low” lingers kng after the sun has set, when the lower are all dark, the peak is transfigured hy the light as it kisses od-by. When rain falls the cu lours are emphasized. and the are leaves and the grass become a lighter green. On the mountain the flowers are peculiarly large and

bright in in color. Not only are there many beautiful species which are liar the mountains, hut even within the same species flowers living up in the mountains are larger and righter than those in the liens, “There are trees nourish on the hills with peculiar Her luxuriance-pines, ferns. leeches, chestnuts, larches, and others. These trees seem be enjoying the sweet air and the pure mountain ruble A garden full of filers is a beautiful object. and Bacon leri considered that a garden is “the greatest refreshment to the spirit of man without which buildings and palaces are but gross handiwork and a man shall ever see that when ages grow to civility and elegance men come to build stately sooner than to garden finely as if gardening were the greater perfection” Yet to the true lover of nature, flowers to he seen at their best must be wild Even the tames of flowers suggest the joy that men have

taken in them to As for richness of color, birds and animals view with flowers in richness and variety of these colors For animals co lours have rwn uses-they make them more attractive to their tales and are protective Take such an ordinary example as the dark back and the silvery jelly of the flesh-what is its use? The dark back makes the fish less conspicuous in any one looking low isto the water: and the white jelly makes him less visible from below In the Middle Ages people were very sensitive to the beauties of nature. They had stresses of knights who loved or were lewd by nature spirits Although we know that there are such

things as nature spirits, yet we know that nature always rewards the man who loves her. not with money hut with peaceful thoughts and We rejoice in Nature because all life is one and when we are in tune with Nature we unconsciously recognize the oneness of life. Nature or the God is not only fun ot power and peace hut also full of beauty. That is why mystics have called God “The Beautiful because all Nature. even in its minutest details. is full of Beauty.

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