Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Bilal Ahmed, XII Definition Artificial Intelligence is the branch of Science which deals with helping machines and finding solutions complex problems in a more human-like-fashion. This generally involves borrowing characteristics from human intelligence and applying them as algorithm. In computer-friendly way, a more or less flexible or efficient approach can be taken while depending on the requirements already established, which influence how artificial the intelligence behaviour is Artificial intelligence is generally associated with Computer Science, but it has many important links with other fields such as, Maths, Psychology, Biology Philosophy etc. Among many others, our ability to combine knowledge from all these fields, which ultimately benefit our progress in the quest of creating an intelligent artificial being, is the most unique Motivation Computers are fundamentally well suited to performing mechanical computation and using fixed program rules. This allows artificial machine to perfo and monotonous task efficiently and reliably, for simple human are ill-suited to do. For more complex problems, this gets more difficult unlike humans artificial intelligence, which aims at improving machine behaviourin taking such complex tasks Together with much artificial intelligence, research allows us to understand our intelligent behaviour Humans have an interesting approach of solving problems based on abstract thought, high level deliberate reasoning and patron recognition Artificial intelligence can help us understand this process by recreating it and enhancing it beyond our current capabilities Limitations To date, all the traits of human intelligence have not been captured and applied to spawn an intelligent artificial creature. Currently, artificial intelligence rather seems to focus on locative domain, specific application does not necessarily require the full extent of artificial Intelligence capabilities. To researchers this limit of machine intelligence is known as narrow intelligence There is little doubt among the community that anificial machines will be capable of intelligent thoughts in the near filture It’s just a question of what and when. The machines may be of pure silicon, quantum computers or hybrid combination ol manufactured components and neural tissues. As for the date, we expect great things to happen within the country Technology There are many different approaches of artificial intelligence, none of them are completely right or wrong Some are obviously more working, alternative can be defended over the years, trends have emerged based on the slate of inlluential rescarchers, finding opportunities as well as complete hardware Artificial intelligence is generally associated with computing hardware and over the past five decades, artificial Intelligence researchers have mostly been focusing on solving specific problems. Numerous solutions have en devised and improved to do so efficiently andreliably. This explains why the field of artificial intelligence has split into many branches, ranging from pattern recognition to artificial life including evolutionary computing and planning Application The potential occupations of artificial intelligence are abundant. They stretch from the military for autonomous control and Target-identification to the entertainment, industry, computer games and robotic pets. Let’s also not forget big establishment dealing as hospitals, banks and insurances which can use artificial intelligence to predict customer behaviour and detect trends. As you may expect, the business of artificial intelligence is becoming one of the major driving forces for research, with an ever going market to satisfy, there is plenty of room for more personals. So, if you know that you are doing, this is plenty of money to be made from the interested big campaign.


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