Animals at a glance


In intelligence, common sense, response to surroundings, thinking, judging and observing, the human being is known as superior to all creatures, but there are some special features of birds, animals and insects which indeed have amazed the human being. We use remote sensor satellites and heavy radars to find the position of any point through waves It is really an amazing idea to know some insects like sand scorpion, wild birds and animals, like, elephants using such kind of machinery which indeed is fitted up in their body, measuring the critical values to such a high accuracy that in front of them human made machinery has many errors still needed to overcome This is how God has a balance in the nature Sand scorpion uses special types of waves to catch its prey. It first detects the longitudinal waves and then transverses, being produced by the movement of its prey Then it measures the time difference at exactly about 10 (0.00005) seconds the distance of This thing helps it in determining points of prey away its centre at even about millimeters. Then it spreads its legs in circle shape to find position of point from where rays emit out Proteins sensors’ present in its legs’ reflect a message to its mind about the leg on the waves drop firstly Thus knowing relative position and distance of its prey, it immediately Jumps onto it Migrating birds use electromagnetic wave commonly flowing from S N, W-S (direction) round the earth They have magnetic material in their body which then immediately sends message to the mind by decoding l, coming from other birds. This way we can see hundreds of birds moving all along to a particular point, as if they are aware about the way they have to go. It is how the Siberian birds have known the way to come to Pakistan. Elephants also use the waves to transform the message emitted and received into their ears. It is, therefore, sudden kind of Jerk felt in their ears sometimes Though we’ve pride of what we’ve been discovering, inventing and using, but perhaps we do not know these things have been used by nature hundreds of centuries ago So, we can say that God, the Supreme Power, has created the world balanced in every aspect. The tinniest creature of the world is also provided with proper sustenance to run the rotation of world. When we meditate over these things, we are moved to surprise how wonderful world, teemed with all requirements, is created from big animals to the smallest animals, they all manage some how to survive we should be thankful to God Who has created this beautiful world We should lavish most of our concentration on these wonderful creatures in order to reach the bottom of truth and nature.

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