Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Young Boy Watching Television

Television is one of the inventions of the modern era, which is now house hold item of every house in the cities and towns all over the world. In Pakistan, television was introduced in 1964 with the first TV center in Lahore The word Television, is derived from two words “Tele” (Latin) and “Vision” (Greek), which means “to see from distance Television has been developed from radio On radio, we are only able to hear the voices of the people, but we cannot see them On Television, we can watch and appreciate their performance Due to Television, our leaders and scholars address the people better than they used to do 25 years ago on Television, we can watch the games, can see dramas, dances, shows etc without going door Television has done a great service in the field education Students can see scientific experiments on television. Due television, many people have increased their experience and knowledge

There are special T V programmes children and students Some programmes informative, such as “Science magazines. teaching of Arabic, etc. Children watch cartoon films, and the day is not far away when a teacher will be able to teach thousands of students at a time with the help of television and Although television has given us all these advantages facilities, it has also some disadvantages People, whosee the television from close distance, their eye sight becomes weak. Television is also used for political propaganda and other evils. Governments use it for false propaganda and, sometimes, bad movies are also shown which adversely affect the morals of the viewers, particularly the young ones

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