Adulteration means mixing and in this way pure things become impure. With the modern progress, it has become very common. The toll of human life that Adulteration takes is only next to war. The damage done is not only immediate but far reaching. It has a very bad effect on human mechanism. Vitality in man is lowered. Paralysis has become very common because of Adulteration Widespread blindness in the people of Pakistan owes much to this bad practice outbreak of certain diseases and epidemics are also the after-effects of Adulteration. In a word, adulterates are like white ants who are eating away national health will out much apparent damage. History shows that this moral evil existed even among the Greeks and the Romans thousands of years ago. It could not become the talk to the town only because of the want

of statistical on the subject. Moreover, the detection in those days depended to a great extent. on the delicacy of the individual There were no tests. Usually Adulteration went underacted. Today it has become very common. The lure of profit has drawn unscrupulous souls to this field. These people employ different modes of Adulteration to deceive the people First, they mix a thing of inferior quality with that of a superior quality. Milk is adulteraued with milk powder or starch: hutter is adulterated w grease or white oil: Ghee is adulterated with animal fats, or coconut oil Edible oil is adulterated with mohile oil. Turmeric is adulterated with yellow earth. Secondly, they substitute, in whole or in parts, one thing for another like saccharin for sugar Thirdly, the adulterates abstract valuable constituents of a thing such as butter from milk. Fourthly, they color the original article so that it may seem superior. Fifth, they use certain chemicals to preserve food without knowing that they are injurious to health Sixth, they add decomposed articles to gm ones: rote eggs are sold with fresh eggs. Lastly, they mishandled or mislabel their articles Fonda. Cream and Serf are sold for pond s cream” and “Serf An elaborate stern of control is needed to check Adulterating An

organized committee should be set up and provided with sufficient resources. It should investigate the dietary habits of the people and pauper of food consumption Rewards for in of successful formats cases should be announced Detection test be simple to avoid delays and technical assistance. Firms using additives should lot scientists to see that their products are free from harmful effects, Honest labeling giving character, origin. amount and constituent parts of the food should he introduced The adulterers should be openly tried and awarded exemplary punishment People’s sense of responsibility should be appealed to on moral basis. It is only then that we can eradicate this evil from Society and make an nation strong.

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