acne: a skin disease.

In this world, there are many diseases but mos the most common skin problem is acne or resis mples. It mostly occurs to the teenagers, but it also can occur at any time in life It is mostly acme irritating, and leaves scars forever. This is a skin dise disease that mostly appears on face, neck and hori even on the other parts of the body such as pro chest, back and arm. It leaves bad look and wa makes intractable. One of the most common diet forms of acne is vulgaris. This occurs as a mo blockage leading to inflammation which swells, salt and is harmful Mainly, there are three kinds of acne Acne the Caledonia is the least severe of them, and lev describes a person with mostly black hands ge Some inflammations Papulpistulosa is the de level erosion of acne describing a state of small inflammations The most severe cases are up labeled as Acne Nodulocysteia. This state is fu attained when big inflammations occur. It takes hi time to heal; the problem usually disappears gi after the teens, but sometimes it persists and Acne is a result of both internal as p f tars suchlevels of person, and the tu hormone genetics internal production of sebum (the follicles are if d blocked, filled with substance called sebum) c causes acne to appear. Sometimes, delicate p system of sebum production is unbalanced by H external factors such as bacteria The bacterium a mostly causing acne is called Propionibacterium acnes. This is why, most of the medications d against acne include antibacterial compounds it Not long ago, the doctors treated severe acne c with antibiotics. It worked for a while, but for a most people this bacterium later became resistant. Another cause is stress. It might not cause acne by itself but research shows that it makes disease more severe Stress changes the hormone levels in the body which cause the production of sebum to change and giving a way for inflammations to get the skin. Some diets are known for causing acne or making it more severe, like chocolate. High dosages of salt can also cause disease to grow They are probably because the diet levels the insulin in the body, which, in return levels the hormones level. As this delicate system gets unbalanced, it gets to skin, literally Acne can also be caused by vitamin deficiency; lack of vitamins in the body can upset skin balance Vitamins are vital for body functions. Deficiency of vitamins will set the hormone level unbalanced which cnects skin, giving way for infections and inflammations of all sorts including acne Acne is a common but very irritating problem, most of the people tend to treat it as it turns up. But, a person can do to prevent disease at all, even though, the skin disease is caused by genetic and internal fa tors. Many people try to fight acne in difierent ways. However, the best way to fight against it is to avoid it altogether. Skin is very sensitive, and irritations on the delicate surface of the face can worsen acne. So, it is better to use tested and mild treatments that cause no harm. Skin should not be irritated in any condition, because it can cause severeacres, Washing face is essential if one wants to prevent acne, but too much washing gets the skin dry and it triggers the production of sebum, It is very important to wash face after physical exercise or if working in a cloggy areas. This will worsen acne pushing the bacteria which cause disease. Fingers are perfect way of transportation for the bacteria. Too much run can cause skin irritation, and gets the problemworse. It must be avoided wearing tight cloths, because they create irritation to skin. A good health, in general, helps fighting acne. As, it is an inflammation, the immune system needs to be healthier to fight against bacteria; stay away from anabolic steroids smoking, and fats.

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