science here, science there, science everywhere

we look at the life of man in the modern times, we come to the fact that from the smallest to the biggest aspect of life, science is at our service Thus, life has become comfortable with the application of science generally in all pursuits of life Science, by all means has added much to our happiness. The electric iron, electric cooker, the Radio and T V, the auto car, and other inventions have contributed towards man’s happiness and have put the load on machine, freeing the shoulders of man But it should also be noted that science has given certain weapons which, if used, can wipe out the whole humanity in seconds The recent researches on hydrogen bomb are alarming for humanity. If such pursuits continue and concrete measures are not taken for the ban on such weapons, we will have to see destruction like Hiroshima and Nagasaki again. Science can generally be found in all pursuits of our life In agriculture, the use of science is increased Now, in recent years, the agricultural, pests are being destroyed In human society, much progress has been made with the help of science But, some scientific inventions have left our society troubled, e g., the use of radio isotopes Gamma rays and X-rays. In industry, the use of Science is indispensable. The fields of transport and communications have become rich with recent technological advances. The day is not far when science will make man’s daily journey to the moon Due to his nature, man has tried to manufacture weapons which can kill his fellow beings, such as the technology which can produce a nuclear bomb. However, the world opinion is in favour of peaceful uses of s ience and technology, the people have developed a new thinking that there should be peace every where Thus, Science is in the service of mankind here, there and every where in cosmos.

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