Machines versus man Machines have helped man in a number of ways


Machines have helped man in a number of ways. These have solved may problems of man, The machine is replacing human La lour in three ways. In the first place, the limits of the individual’s ,physical strengths have been transcended he weight that a machine an nil, or the pressure that it can array hears no relations ar all to physical strength individual or collective. of those to sewn up the industrial story the modern world, Their there is another use of the machines Secondly, the machine serves as a substitute for human skill It carries out automatically and with a constantly improving accuracy countless Jobs which had previously been done by workers whom only long practice could make perfect Machine dos the josh and the man is E Thirdly, modern machinery init only dispenses more and more with the need for physical strength or manual skill. but goes further towards the positive displacement of labor. So the west goes on producing more and more while it has fewer and fewer consumers. To the technician, seems as if the manual worker is superfluous as an agent of production One machine can do the work of hundreds of men bun not one thousand machines can do

the work of an extraordinary man This is the dilemma of man versus machines At present the machine seems to have got beer of man Machines can do any job accurately and proper by Machines have revolutionized the industry of the world. industries, will always leave redundancy of Lab our. The unemployment heuristics of various countries record a higher percentage of unemployment among workers where new machines are introduced the older workers are usually the first be dispensed with. This is so because younger men are snore adaptable to new industrial processes than those who have long been accustomed to a traditional method Sn the significance of the machines in essay walk of life It is an axiom of economics that the economic activities of mankind have only one object-the promotion of human happiness No doubt, machines have also disadvantages With all their 4 faults and undesirable concomitants, the ,machines have come to stay. No country can become great on the basis of primitive methods of production. Science creates untold wealth through the medium of machines and factories The richest countries of the world like the U s A,

Japan, Germany and France owe their phenomenal prosperity only to industrialization, Machines and only machines ean banish poverty, otherwise we will revert to dark ages, when the world had established itself at a level or general poverty due to low production, Machines have also helped us in getting rid of a poverty Machines help also in to so live the problem of unemployment. Again, though machines render workers surplus in one sector, they also create large-scale new employment in the fabrication of new machines, Thousands of engineers, scientists and technicians are needed to manufacture machines, Thus the machines, while reducing employment opportunities in some sectors, generate much greater employment in the new sectors. This is proved from the example of the high industrialized countries of the west. Those who say that machines have reduced the number of jobs by replacing man, seen to have no logic.


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